{Detail Guide} How to Optimized youtube short video

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the internet world. Through which millions of content are searched today. Youtube has launched its youtube short video program after seeing the popularity of tik tok. Through which now a boom is going to come in micro video.

People who have been popular on tiktok and can now show their art skills on youtube through short videos but for this you must have youtube channels first. how to make youtube channel

What is youtube short?

Youtube short is a feature to make short videos like tik tok which is launched after tik tok banned. In this you can upload 60 second videos and get them ranked in youtube short.

To optimize the video, you have to follow some mentioned steps, some steps are given below. 

  • do not keep the video title too long
  • please give video description
  • Make sure to use #short in the title of the video (short video)
  • Make sure to put the video title in  the tag
  • put keywords in video tag by researching
  • How to optimize youtube short.
  • To optimize your short video, you have to take special care of the title, description , and tag of the video and youtube recommends #tag which you must use before your title.

But you need to SEO Optimize your channels before Optimized youtube short so that your channels can grow quickly and you can become a success youtubers. Let us know how to SEO optimize your youtube channels .

How to Optimize Youtube channel


The best way to optimize your channels is to produce better content so that the audience starts getting attracted towards you. By the way, we can try other methods to optimize our channels, which is a professional method. let’s know

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1. Enter Detail in About section.

When you create a youtube channel, then you get an about tab, in that you must give information about yourself and your channel. Whenever an audience comes to your channel’s puzzle bar, they definitely see your About section because the audience wants to know who this person is.

Also you can add your contact email and social media link, website link in about.

2 . Add Channel Art

The thing that attracts people the most on Youtube is the Art Banner of the channels . That’s why you should also have an attractive banner. In this you add a high resolution quality banner for your channel whose size should be  2560×1440 .

In that image, you must tell the name of your channels and what kind of content you put, along with this also tell what is the schedule for uploading the video at the time.

3. Add Featured video.

Youtube gives you a featured option through which you can show your feature video to the subscriber which is best for your user.

4. Add Channel Trailer.

Youtube gives you the option of adding a trailer video through which you can show it to users who are not your subscribers.

5. Create Playlist.

Once you have uploaded good video content on your youtube channels, then you have to separate your video category wise so that it becomes easy for the user.

6. Link to Others Relevant channels.

To promote Youtube channels for free, you can link your channel on its channels by linking the content producing channels of your own niche. Due to this, the chances of getting views and subscribers also increase in comparison to that.

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Youtube short video thumbnail

Should you put a thumbnail in youtube short video? Yes, of course you can, but even if the thumbnail does not appear, your video will still rank, without a thumbnail the video ranks higher, so Optimized youtube short video

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Question)
How to increase Subscriber on Youtube channels.

If you want to increase subscriber on your new youtube channels then you can increase by uploading youtube short video and if you want to increase views then read this article you can take support of social media some paid platform too You will get But the most important thing is that your content should be of quality.

1000 Free youtube Subscribers app

If your subscribers are not increasing, then you can get views and subscribers by using some free apps, know about one such app.

Sub4Sub Apps

This is a free promoter apps, after downloading it from play store, you can watch other’s video, follow and like it, exactly the same rules are there for those who download this app and this app Through which you have to earn bonus coin, for that you just have to watch some of their second videos.

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How to bring Youtube video in trending.

Video description

To bring the video into trending, you have to take care of some things, let’s know what those things are.

Whenever you make a video, give a description of 300 words in the description of that video and add the trending keywords that you are targeting. And write the complete description in both and English. Apart from this, also add the link of popular video.

Tags And keywords

Your video will be viral only when people will watch it more and more and for this you should put trending keywords and tags, you can also use keywords in the title.

Video’s thumbnail

To make the video rare, put a thumbnail of your video i.e. a photo with good graphics before the video so that the user’s attraction increases.

Social media sharing

You must share your video on social media and you should join groups related to your video category.

Say in last for like and share

You must say this for your viewers or new users in each of your videos that they must like and share your videos.


I have told you about optimized youtube short video, I applied it myself and I got 2 lakh views and 400 subscribers in a short video, now I run 2 youtube channels, if you also want to know how to get views on youtube short.

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