Best motivational And Inspirational movies in 2023

Today we explore and show you most top Best motivational movies. Friends, today I am going to tell you about 10 motivational and inspirational movies. By giving which you will be able to motivate yourself and this movie will bring a lot of change in your life, so today I am going to tell you this movie. Seeing which you will learn a lot and you can go far ahead by adopting all these in your life. Movies are not only for Entertainment, Fun, or Time pass. There are many such movies, which will motivate you. Here are the full list of best inspirational movies in 2023

1. MS Dhoni : The untold story

msdhoni motivational movies
msdhoni motivational movies

If you looking for all time best motivational and inspiration movies related to sports like cricket then this movies id best fit to you. This movie Mahendra Singh dhoni i.e. ( MS Dhoni ) this whole movie is made on his life. Which is considered the God of cricket of a very big India team. He is famous for India’s best captain, wicketkeeper and best man. And he is also called the God of Cricket.

Sushant Singh Rajput played the role of MS Dhoni in this movie . This actor has done such a character in this movie. And he has acted so well and has performed very well. In this movie you will not feel at all that he is not ms Dhoni.

Short Story of MS Dhoni Film Motivational Movie

You can learn a lot from this movie, in your life and you will get to see in this movie that a boy from a middle class family who does not have any support in his house. Even after that the boy fulfills his dreams.

When you will know, you will see this movie and when you will know what is the real struggle. And only after that you will be able to understand how much struggle is required to do some big work. And you have to make so much effort.

If you are a big fan of sushant singh rajput or ms dhoni then you should watch this movie, and if you want to become anything then definitely watch this movie because in this movie acting is very good along with motive. Sushant Singh has done a very good acting in this movie. Which Sushant Singh Rajput is not among us.

2.Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

This movie is also related to sports, if you are belonging to middle class family and facing too many struggle in your life then you should watch this most motivational bollywood movies “Bhaag Milkha Bhaad”This movie will motivate you a lot because Milkha Singh’s struggle is shown in this movie. In this, it has been told that how he became an athletic after so much hard work and putting his life. And the difficulties he had to face to reach here, all this is shown in this movie.

Short Story of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Inspirational Movie

This movie is based on the events of the life of India’s fastest sprinter Milkha Singh , and how much he struggled, this is all a film made on him, and a middle class boy and a small boy whose family is killed. Even after how he comes to India from Pakistan with great difficulties with his elder sister, and how he fulfills his dreams. All this is shown in this movie.

You must watch such a film. Because that boy has come to India after running away from Pakistan with his elder sister. As seen such in the movie that Success comes after so much struggle and hard work and then how does he come to India and become one of the fastest running boys.

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3. 3 Idiots

3idiots inspirational movies

One who is in student life or college life and facing too many difficulties in his life and also facing problems related to carriers then you should must watch this best motivational and inspirational movies for students all time. If you are an Engineering student or currently an engineering student or you were earlier then you definitely watch this movie. Either you have already seen it or you have heard about this movie. Whether it is small or big hot scene of this movie each and every scene will remind you of your engineering college life .

Short Story of 3 Idiots best inspirational movie

The story of this film is based on three friends. It is shown in this film, that the difficulties of three friends, hard work and many problems that they had to face and they still go to college to study engineering, and then all three friends meet in the same engineering college. And from there their friendship begins.

This film will teach you that you should do the work of your choice and take the subject of your choice. Rather, whatever the work may be, everyone should do the work of their choice. In which you enjoy and you should not take your work and subject by looking at others and should not decide your career by looking at others. This movie will touch your heart once you must watch this movie.

4. Lakshya

if you have not any goal in your life and forget your goal and also confusing what to do next? then guys this best motivational and most inspirational movies is only for you. you must watch this movie. Lakshya Movie is made on a young boy and that young boy doesn’t know what to do in his life. Due to which he spends a lot of his time in having fun and doing mischief.

Storyline of Lakshya Best Motivational Movies

In this movie, Hrithik Roshan is playing the character of that young boy, and the song in the film is to achieve the goal in every situation. Currently this movies motivates many people even in today’s time. If you also listen, you will also be motivated.

In this movie it is shown that until that young boy knows his valuable time, what is my goal. As long as he kept expressing his time in useless things, since once the time is known. So he leaves everything and starts achieving his goal. He makes lots of efforts to achieve his goal.

If you are a youth, then you must watch this movie. Because today’s youth have no idea about their goal. What do they want to do in their life?

5. Taar Zammen par

tare zamin par motivational movies
tare zamin par motivational and inspirational movies

This movie is absolutely one the best inspirational and motivational movie in the world because this movie motivates you too much. If you are not going success in your field then one time you must watch this movie. You must have a amazing level of creativity, you just need to find your inner talent. This movie is about a small child, who is 8 years old and this movie was made on that child who  is suffering from dyslexic reading disorder disease  but no one knows his disease. Even his parents do not know about his illness.

Storyline of Taare Zammen Par Motivational Inspiring Movie

A child who have Dyslexic reading disorder from his birth. He was very weak in reading due to this disease. And he was also a little weak in mind. Because that boy used to see the whole world (words) upside down, but he had one special thing, his imagination and creativity are very wonderful.

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After some time in this film, Arts teacher Aamir Khan himself comes into the life of the child and then he understands about the illness of this child and then he helped that child a lot in moving forward and Aamir Khan helped that child. This film will teach you that first of all you should know your children very well and understand what they want to do. And what work do they enjoy. And let them do what they love the most. Because children get success quickly in doing the work of their choice, so the child who has more interest in the work should be left on that work.

6. Mary kom

This movie is best suitable for girls. If you also facing too many difficulties in your life and wants to achieve your goal without losing focus then you must watch this best motivational film. Marry Kom is the story of such a girl, she has to face a lot of difficulties to fulfill her dreams. And have to face a lot of problems. And he has a lot of trouble in making his own identity, he has to face a lot of problems.

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Plot of Mary kom Movie one of best motivational and inspirational movies

Priyanka Chopra plays the character of Marry Kom in this film. His story begins like this. Mary Kom wants to become a boxing champion, and wants to take part in boxing. But her father is against her in this decision.

Something like this comes in front of Mary Kom. What to do if Mary Kom has to choose between her father or boxing, and then she chooses boxing. Because the condition of his family members was very bad.

And she works very hard with her coach. And she also gets success in boxing. And then all the family members are proud of Mary Kom.

Even after all this, there is a lot of crisis in Mary Kom’s life again. If you want to know everything, then you must watch this film and it will be a very good film for you. This teaches us to never give up.

7. Chak de India

Chak De India movie was made on the story of Kabir Khan, who has been the best center forward of the Indian team. And Shahrukh Khan played the role of Kabir Khan in this movie.

Sumamay of chak de India – Powerful Inspirational movie

In a final match against Pakistan, he missed his own goal through a penalty stroke in the last minute, and then India lost the match, due to which everyone started calling him by the name of desh drohi and desh ka gaddar.

In this film, no one is serious about the women’s hockey game at all. And always keep making fun of something. And then they keep fighting with each other.

And then after seeing all this, the coach behaves very harshly with the girls. And also punishes the girls for making mistakes. But all this does not make any difference to those people. Took the decision to leave some posts.

And then later those girls regret their mistake. And they start taking the game seriously. And then they work hard with their coach. And then those girls. Does

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In this movie you all will get to see a lot of trouble or ups and downs. And this movie teaches you to push your limits. That’s why you must watch this movie once. If you are also an Indian.

8. Dangal

This Dangal film is set in a small village in Haryana. Former National Wrestling Champion Mahavir Singh Phogat wants to fulfill his dreams there with his daughters. Aamir Khan, who plays Mahavir Singh Phogat in this film, and she wants my daughter to win a gold medal by wrestling.

Plotting of Dangal – Most motivational Movies

Mahavir Singh Phogat, his two daughters Babita Phogat and Geeta Phogat, since childhood, he starts making his daughters work very hard. And therefore the people around the village and the villagers start making fun of both of them. Still, both of them started learning wrestling. She lives. And she works very hard with all her heart.

The hard work of Mahavir Singh Phogat i.e. Aamir Khan and the hard work of those two daughters pays off. And both of those daughters come after winning the Bharat Gold Medal. You will also get to learn a lot from this film. That’s why you must watch this film once. needed.

9. Anand

Anand movie will teach you how to live life, after watching this movie you will know how to live your life happily even when big problems come.

Short Summary of Anand movies – Best motivational film

In this movie, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and Sumita Sanyal will be seen playing main road roles. And in this movie you will get to learn a lot from Rajesh Khanna.

If you also want to live your life happily without any tension or stress, then you must watch this movie once. Because all these things have been told in it. You should live your life in some difficulty.

You must watch this movie once, your way of living will change completely. If you only watch the movie, then if you use the things learned from this movie in your life, then you will see a lot of change in yourself. will get.

10. Udaan

This film has been made on such a girl who is living a life like a prisoner. Because he used to get hatred from the people of his own house. And anger is heard.

Plotting of Uddan -Best motivational Movies

In this film, a young boy has to bear his father’s anger many times, and due to which he gets very upset, in his life, in this film, it is told that how much his father used to torture him. And the boy finally runs away from home.

The boy runs away from his home so that he can fulfill his dreams and take a long flight and then what happens after that. Where does he leave home, and what work does he do. That’s why you must watch this movie.

I hope that you will like all the movies mentioned in this post. And you will get to learn a lot from these movies in your life and all these movies will motivate you a lot .

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